Another Time

zombies runDo you ever feel you were born for a different age and another life? I feel that a lot. My grandmother, if she were still alive, lived from the time they had no electricity in their home to everyone owning computers and cell phones. I don’t know that I could handle the concept of time in that aspect. Seeing the passage of time like she did must seem overwhelming. My early years, I remember Atari and color TVs and can’t imagine not having running water. I’ve experienced not having running water but that was only for a day or so and let me tell you, it was inconvenient. I couldn’t take a shower, wash the dishes or even brush my teeth and if I did, it took a lot of preparation not to mention a bunch of heavy lifting (water jugs are heavy).

I couldn’t live in the past. I love my computer and my cell phone and the ability to instantly know how my best friend is doing when she lives 800 miles away from me. Getting a text or shooting an email is second nature for me and again, I can’t imagine what it will be like my children when they grow up. What astronomical feat will science/technology create for them? They’ll probably have clones when my daughter is my age and I’ll be old, hobbling about. I can say, back in my day we didn’t have clones. Lol

I’m not made for that time either although I would be one to travel to the moon or volunteer to terra-form another planet but I don’t think that will be within my lifetime. So what will be within my lifetime?  Zombies. I will kick ass when the zombies come. That’s the time I’m suite for, a time that doesn’t and may never exist. When society breaks down and you no longer have to conform to the norms of the day, that’s when I’ll shine. I’m made for living on my own, fighting for food, traveling great distances and I have no  problem with not speaking to anyone for long periods of time. Of course I haven’t tested this theory. Work requires me to speak and family requires me to stay but one day…….

I’m not one of those survivalist who spend all their money on guns and water and I have my shelter in place. Everything I’ll need to survive if I’m forced out in the night. You think it’s funny but how is preparing for zombies any different from preparing for a terrorist attack or a viral infection or an earthquake that devastates everything you know? Any of those scenarios could happen, so why not zombies?

So zombie don’t attack. I will live out my days completely prepared to do battle with a baseball bat and a machete. It beats pretending I’m a normal, every day citizen. While I’m riding the bus to work or attending my local church, in my head, I’m a zombie hunter. A potential renegade for another time. Who’s with me?!…more than you think.


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