‘OPEN’ to Possibilities

in the cloudsI have to wonder sometimes, why I’m so open to different possibilities. I was raised in a family of six, two older brothers and a younger sister and I’m the closest with my sister. I’m also nothing like her. Again, why? I’m not so sure.

Sometimes I think it’s her way of establishing her own identity. Growing up, I flew by the seat of my pants, I was full of adventure and full of fun. That was me, going a mile a minute, not allowing myself to stop and think because I thought too much, felt too much and it just hurt too much to slow down so I didn’t. My sister has a very no-nonsense way of dealing with things. She’s practical and straightforward. If you know me, just think complete opposite and you’ll get her. My sister deplored my former self and didn’t want to be anything like me and that’s why we grew up so different.

I wrote a poem about my sister, if you want to check it out:

Maybe I’m so open to possibilities because I’m adopted. My mind thinks, somewhere out there is my family. I believe it. I don’t know for sure, I’ve never seen them but I know they’re out there.

People either believe in possibilities or they don’t. I can’t imagine being one of those close-minded people. Let’s call them “Ravenous Bugblatter Beast’s of Traal” – okay, that’s kind of long so RBBoT’s is good. RBBoT’s are so stupid, they think if they can’t see you, you can’t see them. Idiotic but people do that with possibility. They refuse to confront or acknowledge anything outside their scope of belief.

Demonic possession? No such thing. Alien life? Inconceivable. Trip to Mars? No way. Zombies? Impossible. What did RBBoT’s think fifty years ago. Space travel? No such thing. Nuclear war? Inconceivable. The Bullet Train? No way. Clones? Absolutely impossible.

Everything is conceivable and it’s our knowledge that ultimately makes it a reality. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, like zombies. There are NO zombies, if you exclude the victims suffering some kind of zombie-like state at the hands of voodoo practitioners, but the possibility of there one day being zombies is there.

“World War Z” was based on a novel by Max Brooks. That novel is on the read list for the U.S. Army War College NOT because the Army is promoting zombies but because the scenarios Mr. Brooks predicts and the reaction by state and federal agencies is 100% accurate in their response to the threat. It is how we would react to an invasion of any kind, that’s why it is on the read list. I have a friend, who attended the War College, and she refused to read it because it had zombies in it. She is close-minded and I am virtually surrounded by people like that. I have to counter-balance the world – no wonder my head is in the clouds!

I read a book once called “The Swarm” by Frank Schatzing. Read it. It is another awesome look at a different apocalyptic scenario and the ending will blow you away.

I recently saw “The Conjuring” and spoke of the movie to another friend. Now I’m not an expert in anything and I can tell you I’m exceptionally weird. I studied demonology growing up. I knew who Ed and Lorraine Warren were before this movie came out. When I told her about the movie I’ll never forget her response, demons aren’t real. Tell that to the Perron family!

I’m a Sy-Fy geek. I’m stupid, nerdy, impossible, goofy and sarcastic eighty percent of the time but I’m also open to new possibilities. That’s how God made me. How did God make you? Are you open to possibilities or have you used Mak’tar stealth haze to avoid them?


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