Minus a Back Up Plan

plan BI was getting coffee this morning and I saw a headline in a newspaper someone had left behind, it read, ‘Minus a back up Plan’.  I didn’t read the article, i was on my way to work, but it made me think, is it necessary to have a back up plan?

What happens when I can no longer do what I’m doing? What happens if I get hurt or laid off? I am lucky in my background, I’ve done just about everything to earn money. From factory work to shoveling manure, I’ve done it all so I wouldn’t be too proud to go back to waiting on tables if I had to. I would love a job that doesn’t require a lot of thought because I spend most of my time writing. I have nothing but respect for men and women in the service industry; I’ve been there. I paid my dues.

A friend of mine recently injured her shoulder. She works for an international money mogul to be nameless and she was assigned light duty until her shoulder got better. She said if she wanted to she would retire. Her husband wants to move to Idaho so I hope she doesn’t retire anytime soon.

Another friend also mentioned retirement and she plans to move to Arizona……somewhere near a casino – It just occurred to me that a lot of my friends are old, Lol. That was a friendly jab at my “friends” because they do read my blog. They are a little older. In truth, I only have a handful of friends my own age. Why is that? For starters, they are generally all married with lives of their own. Once in a blue moon we might get together and have a night out but truthfully, I’d rather stay in.

So, what’s my back up plan? I’d like to say that I’ve been picked up by a publishing company and I can be a full-time author but that hasn’t happened  yet. I write for the joy of writing and self publish all my stuff. I’d like to say I’ll settle down, marry my summertime sweetheart and become the homemaker I never was. (Yea, right, that won’t happen) So, what will I do?

I have no idea. I am minus a back up plan but the possibilities are endless and I’m an innovated kind of girl. The three I’s: innovated, ingenious and idealistic.  “Hope is a waking dream” and I hope to remain optimistic. Life is a mystery! If plan A doesn’t work out, you can bet I’m working on plan B.



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