a very big But

big butts 1There’s good news out there but for me, it often comes in two parts. You know when someone says, I like  your hair but, or you play the piano really well but – “but” always implies there’s something bad coming.

I’m a writer and I’ve been writing pretty steadily for the past four years. I write because I love telling stories and my latest book, “One Step Closer” is about my story.  There are some of us that go through divorce and then there are some of  us that go through something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I went through a divorce, then a terrible custody battle and Lara Martin, my character in “One Step Closer”, is the result.

My good news came in the form of an email from an editor. I usually get the standard email, “though your work is creative and unique, we feel your book is not a good fit for us, blah blah blah and no thank you” but this time with the usual email, she sent me a personal note!  She said I have an original story with a good hook but it is too descriptive and bogged down with characters not important to the story. Don’t tell the story, ‘show’ the story. Use active verbs and cut, cut, cut. Get a free-lance editor, rewrite and we will be glad to consider it again.

Hmmm, now I do not have a literary education. I have not been schooled in how to write other than English in high school and college both of which I know I didn’t pass with flying colors. I thought writing was ‘telling’ a story. I have no idea what ‘showing’ means.  Was I using passive verbs? What characters weren’t important? All of them, I feel, add value to my tale. She suggests to cut but what if I cut the wrong thing? My book is now a big ol’ mess.

You know what I need?  I need a free-lance editor!  LOL I thought they would help me with those streamline critiques now I’m back to the drawing board. Between you and me, if you liked my first book you’ll Love my second, “Through the Darkness”. I’ve sold twice as many copies in less amount of time.

I wish editors acquired writers through benefit of the doubt. I’m a diamond in the rough and hopefully someone will take a chance on me. It was good news, no doubt, but it was good news with a very big But!



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