Adventure takes a certain amount of bravery, so does staying the course. Life is chaotic, a perplexing trek through twists and turns, through silver tips, and underbrush intent on distraction. They work to ensnare us, intertwining our spirit – which should forever remain free – amongst the branches of its magnificent wood. Yet in this aiguillette, this thick of green, there is a clearing. A moment, in its solidarity, that is beyond perfect. It is a place called home.
You feel like home, the sure path through the uncertain wood. You harbor the light that entrusts safe passage, a beckon of what would be and what is. You are unbroken against the wind, an unfettered anchor rooted in the ones you love. You are all things; father, son, friend. Ever changing as the sunlight sieving through the sacred wood and wild as you ever were.

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