Time passes

wolf 3Time passes…

Each unbearable moment like a kaleidoscope of expectation never met,

a hope fast-fleeting.

Each moment gone

without seeing you,

without hearing you,

without knowing what touches your mind,

Or, dreadfully, what touches your heart.

The days pass with slow intent

I’m watchful…

The dawning light turns to twilight.

My inner silence turns to solitude.

The quiet of my thoughts makes me anxious.

…And then you’re here.

It was only a moment,

and I couldn’t hang on.

I couldn’t make you stay,

no matter how hard I tried.

So much unsaid – a whirl of emotions –

and like a mirage, you were just out of reach.

…And then you were gone.

I don’t know when I’ll see you again,

but I’ll wait. For today you thought of me,

I made you smile.

That moment…was mine.

Time passes…